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Experience the wonders of crystal clear eyesight with Contoura Vision Technology – the gold standard for Permanent Specs Removal Surgeries. Sohana Eye Hospital is proudly performing thousands of successful Contoura Vision Surgeries every year with Guaranteed Patient Satisfaction.

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Mandatory to be 18 years and above.


Consistent & stable specs number for over a year.

Corneal Thickness

Maintaining adequate corneal thickness is necessary to get Contoura Vision Surgery.

Pregnancy or Lactation

Lactating or pregnant candidates are not advised to undergo contoura vision.

Contoura Vision India’s Most Popular Choice!

Before opting for specs removal surgery, get a deep understanding of why Contoura Vision Surgery is quickly becoming India’s most popular choice. World’s Fastest Lasik Laser Excimer 500 used can correct one refractive error in less than 1.6 seconds for both eyes. This level of precision and agility is unmatched!

World's Fastest LASIK Laser Excimer 500
US-FDA Approved Technology
Bladeless & Painless
10 minutes Surgery
Fastest Recovery Time
No Hospitalisation Required
Sharp Vision
Complete Freedom from Contacts & Specs
Improved Night Vision

Our Numbers Speak For Us

2M+Happy & Satisfied Patients

35,000+Surgeries Performed

28+Years Of Excellence

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You will be recommended to get Refractive Error Corrective Surgery customised to your needs and requirements.

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6 ways in which you can benefit from Contoura Vision Surgery

Contoura machine World's Best Specs Removal Technology
  • World's Fastest LASIK Laser Excimer 500
  • Bladeless & Painless
  • 10 minute Surgery
  • Permanent Spectacle Removal
  • Fast Recovery
  • US-FDA Certified
  • No Hospitalization Required
Available 24/7


Meet Your Visionary Leaders

Highly Experienced Specs Removal Surgeons:

Dr Amanpreet kaur
Dr. Amanpreet Kaur

Dr. Amanpreet is a gold medalist Phaco & Refractive Surgeon having expertise in all varieties of Refractive Surgeries. She has successfully performed over 10,000+ Contoura Vision & Robotic Cataract Surgeries till now and has imparted her surgical excellence to all her patients. She is also a fellow of the International Council Of Ophthalmology and her vast surgical experience makes her one of India’s best eye surgeons.

Gurmeet Singh Mangat
Dr. Gurmeet Singh Mangat

Dr. Gurmeet Singh Mangat is a highly experienced and accomplished Ophthalmologist who has changed the face of quality vision care in India. He is the Medical Director at Sohana Hospital, Mohali with an experience of more than 30 years. Dr. Mangat in his extensive practice has performed several path-breaking vision correction surgeries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let Us Answer Your Queries

Answer Contoura Vision Technology is the latest and most innovative advancement in Permanent Specs Removal Surgery. It uses the World’s Fastest LASIK Laser Excimer 500 Machine only available at Sohana Hospital to make your specs removal process quick, safe and hassle free.

Answer Contoura Vision is generally a suitable option for most specs wearing patients, however, their age should be 18 yrs and above and should have stable eye power at least 6 months prior to the date of surgery.

Answer In terms of quality of result, scope and advanced technology, Contoura Vision continues to come out as a better option.

Answer Contoura Vision is a flapless surgery which does not involve cutting or tissue removal from the eye. However, patients could feel mild discomfort within the first few hours of getting the surgery. This flapless feature makes Contoura Vision Surgery a very safe and painless option for Specs Removal.

Answer Recovery time depends on person to person but typically, patients undergoing the contoura vision can go back home on the same day and attain crystal clear specs free vision from the very next day.