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Since its inception in 1995, Advanced Eye Care Centre, Sohana Hospital is North India’s most trusted association of eye specialists and surgeons. We pursue the highest standards of contemporary eye care needs; we educate our patients on the importance of maintaining adequate eye health and empower them to preserve healthy vision. We guide our patients on the most reliable and medically accurate information about eye diseases, conditions, injuries and their treatment. We are proud to have Eye Specialists with 25+ Years of Experience who have conducted 10,000+ Successful Surgeries over the span of 3 decades.
With the latest procedures like Contoura Vision , we continuously strive to present to our patients the newest and pain free eye care. Over the years, we have evolved into a model eye care center in the north region with a wide range of advanced medical facilities and a team of highly qualified and experienced medical personnel. Our expertise provides the best diagnostic & treatment services for eye patients regarding diagnosis, treatment and surgery. The institute has all the essential supporting services to ensure efficient functioning which maintains its high quality of patient care in terms of cleanliness, reliability, nursing care and speedy recovery.

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Contoura Vision

Advanced Eye Surgery:

Contoura Vision surgery is an advanced eye surgery that ensures specs removal with vision correction.

Beneficial Procedure:

The surgery treats corneal irregularities and is an ideal procedure for patients who cannot undergo LASIK surgery


The visual axis is the natural seeing axis of the eye and Contoura Vision Surgery helps in treating the same. This treatment on Visual Axis helps in improving the quality of the vision and offers sharp visual outcomes.

Technicalities Explained

Contoura Vision Vs Lasik Vs Smile

Parameters Contoura Vision Surgery LASIK SMILE
Quality of Vision -
Vision Safety - -
Tissue Saving - -
Corneal Strength - -

Contoura Vision creates a completely personalized treatment plan which is unique to your eyes by mapping 22,000 unique points on your corneas.

LASIK is limited to vision correction solely. When compared to LASIK and SMILE, Contoura Vision has given unmatched outcomes in the field of eye correction treatments.

Treatments of vision correction like LASIK and SMILE might not be recommended by your Eye Surgeon as they often have side effects for example :

  • Sensitivity to light
  • Difficulties when driving in the dark
  • Reading troubles
  • Glares and starburst.

All these side effects are significantly reduced with Contoura Vision Surgery

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When you fill up the enquiry form, a dedicated representative from our team will get in touch with you to further your queries. Appointment for your eye checkup will be scheduled as per your convenience.

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Upon visiting Advanced Eye Care Center, you will be assigned a Refractive Error Correcting Specialist from our team and a thorough expert evaluation will be conducted.

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If our eye specialists at Advanced Eye Care Center deem fit, you will be recommended to get the Contoura Vision Surgery and a customized plan will be created to meet your requirements. Shortly after which, you will live a spectacle-free life!

Why Choose Us for Specs Removal Surgery?

  • Eye Specialists with 28+ Years of Experience
  • 50,000+ Successful Specs Removal Surgeries over the span of 3 decades.
  • A No Cut Technique is used for a Bladeless Specs Removal Experience.
  • One of India’s first Eye Care Centers to offer Vision Correction since 1995.
  • Team of Eminent eye surgeons performing Specs Removal Surgery since 1995.
  • Highest Number of Specs Removal Patients treated with over 50,000 happy patients to our credit.
  • North India’s first recipients of World’s Fastest LASIK Laser Excimer 500 Contoura Vision Technology for Vision Correction.
  • Immediate Outcomes with all International Standards being followed with Contoura Vision Gold, Epi Lasik Contoura, Epi Contoura and Bladeless Contoura Vision.
  • Special Diagnostic (PENTACAM) technology for customized Specs Removal Surgery.
  • Complete Contoura OT Suites for Eye Surgery
6 ways in which you can benefit from Contoura Vision Surgery

Get Cleaner, Clearer Vision

  • World's Fastest LASIK Laser Excimer 500
  • Bladeless & Painless
  • 10 minute Surgery
  • Permanent Spectacle Removal
  • Fast Recovery
  • US-FDA Certified
  • No Hospitalization Required
Our Doctor

Our Doctor


Dr. Gurmeet holds the position of the Medical Director & HOD Ophthalmology. (Sohana Hospital, Mohali) With an experience of more than 30 years, Dr Mangat has successfully performed thousands of eye correction surgeries, making him the very best in the field of ophthalmology and eye care.

Dr. Amanpreet Kaur

Dr. Amanpreet is a gold medalist - Phaco & Refractive Surgeon having an expertise with Contoura vision. She also is a fellow of the International Council Of Ophthalmology.

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We are happy to provide for all your vision care needs. like we have over the span of nearly three decades. Here are a list of happy patients we have treated who have been more than satisified being treated and being a part of the Sohana Hospital family.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Answer Absolutely Not. The procedure of the contoura eye surgery is completely needle – less, so you won’t even feel a thing. For the most of it, it will feel like some lights flashing on your eyes.

Answer Sohana Hospital is actually the first Eye Hospital in Mohali to bring Contoura Vision Surgery to the tricity. We have the most experienced team of ophthalmologists onboard not just for Contoura Vision Specs Removal but also for other procedures like Cornea, Retina, Laser Assisted Cataract Surgery, Glaucoma & More.

Answer Contoura is better than LASIK by a great deal. . The Topolyser used in the contoura specs removal surgery has unparalleled diagnostic capabilities to record even the minutest imperfections in the curvature of the cornea. This accuracy is yet unmatched by any other eye correction procedure. Even though we do offer LASIK surgery in Chandigarh but Contoura still remains our most recommended.